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Testimonials and References

Nasal Cleansing

"I was introduced to nose cleansing by my Yoga teacher Asmita. I have had blocked sinuses for years and after using the method of cleansing my nostrils I have found that I can now breath freely and have not suffered with a blocked nose this winter. It was with reluctance at first that I tried the cleansing but I now do so regularly and find it really helpful."
- Heather

"After some 10 months of nasal congestion and rather bad sinusitis and three different courses of antibiotics and number of nasal sprays plus a course of herbal remedies did nothing long term to help me. After using the Nose Pipe on a regular basis (twice daily for two weeks) my nasal congestion cleared and I am breathing far more freely, my sinusitis has all but gone and have been told I am not snoring any more."
- Cris

"The main feeling is freedom from congested mucus on top of my nose. I have suffered from headaches, but by using the nose pipe which clears all the nose and brings relief to my head as well."
- H Aman

Yoga classes

"I took up yoga six years ago to gain some suppleness and become more in balance with my body after many years of orienteering (and other types of usually long-distance off-road running). I often felt really stressed across my shoulders, my body was stiff, I ran on my toes and many of my muscles and tendons in my legs had shortened drastically. Everything seemed to be affecting my stride length which had always been short but was getting worse.

"For four years I attended night classes at the local school. By copying the few in class who could do the posture properly I gradually made it past beginners level. My running style didn't get any worse but it didn't change much either. I then spent a year in a small class under a teacher trained in Iyengar Yoga. At last my posture was being corrected but the emphasis was on Asanas for one or two particular body areas, especially legs. Strangely, although this should have helped me in my running it didn't really because I was still tense in other areas of my body and this affected my running style. While attending this class I joined also Asmita's class at the Music Centre.

"At last my whole body was gaining real benefit. Initially I felt that the two classes were complementary to what I needed but then, as Asmita saw where I had problems and suggested useful exercises (which often had nothing to do with more leg stretches), I began to see changes in how I felt and in how I ran. I now only attend Asmita's class, although I use many of the Asanas she teaches off and on during the week. My running style has improved - my heels are down for the first time ever and my stride is beginning to lengthen, I am running as fast and as enjoyably as I was 5 years ago, my pulse rate has dropped to 45 beats per minute as a result of the meditation component of Asmita's teaching and I am coping much better with all the stress that affects my daily life. I am addicted!!"
- Joy Talbot

"I've experienced Yoga Beginner course. I had heard about Yoga for a long time but I've never tried. I guess I was afraid if I can do it or not, because I knew my body was very stiff since I was child. But when I attend first class I felt relieved. I was told it didn't matter, what I should do is do MY best. So I did try my best every time. And I can tell my body is getting flexible but not just this, I try to think positive always. that's makes me difference. I experienced "YOGA is not just touch your toe" it is true. I wish I can join next term too, but I have to go, so I'll do it myself wherever I need. I really appreciate Asmita. You told me new world. Thank you, "
- Akemi

"I have been attending yoga classes at Shirley Boys High School for the last 3 years with the very competent yoga instructor Asmita. I have found in my time with Asmita that the gains from doing her classes for me personally have been immense. Aside from the physical gains - loss of weight and general toning and increased flexibility, there have been a number of things that have increased my sense of well being in life.

"I look forward to seeing her smiling face each and every week and miss the session if I cannot make it for any reason. She has the ability to really connect with people and always enquires about how good the week has been, and genuinely cares for her students. Her ability to teach yoga is top notch, she constantly mixes the content of the classes up and keeps us all on our toes (or heads for that matter) which makes each class interesting and different. I always leave class feeling 100% better than when I started.

"Asmita is very approachable, and makes every effort to include and teach us about the spiritual side of yoga - for example personally setting up meditation sessions and meetings with her yogi when he is available. Not only that, because of the sheer number of students Asmita teaches yoga to, she makes huge efforts to set up group dinners and outings for everyone and their families. I have attended a few of these get togethers, and find them very enjoyable and a great opportunity to catch up with your yoga buddies, or simply meet new people with common interests.

"Asmita is a shining example of humanity, who happens to be very skilled at yoga and inspiring people to strive for greatness and well being in their own lives. The sheer number of students (in particular regular returning students) she has speaks volumes about how respected and liked she is. I hope to be enjoying yoga with Asmita for many years to come."
- Tash

"I've been attending Asmita's yoga classes for about 18 months now. Prior to this, I'd been experiencing major back pain for over 6 months and this was significantly affecting both my everyday life and my sporting activities. I'd tried a number of different things, some of which eased the discomfort, but none seemed to have any lasting rehabilitative effect. After only a short period at Asmita's class, I noticed a major reduction in my back pain, coupled with a steady improvement in my overall level of flexibility which has continued to improve to date. The classes are challenging (and fun), but I now have long periods of time free from discomfort, something I'd concluded previously, wouldn't be possible. Being able to assimilate the knowledge and techniques of Yoga into my everyday life has been a very positive experience for me and I recommend Asmita's classes to everyone."
- Craig Cowie

"Asmita creats a wonderful family atmosphere in her classes, which allows you to feel very comfortable and encourages you to keep coming to classes.No matter what the class size you always feel like you're getting individual attention. Asmita is always trying new ways to improve our results, we don't just do the same set moves week after week, she is able to adapt stretches to improve flexibility in small increments so we feel we are making progress! Yoga has made a big difference in my life and a large part of that is due to Asmita and the friendly mix of people you meet who continue classes year after year."
- Beth

"I've been attending Asmita's Yoga class for about 5 years. Why do I keep going back? That's because Yoga has helped me to be more aware of my own body. I've found myself to be more agile and physically more healthy. Very often, after a session at the class, I can feel the tension being released from my body. The popularity of this Yoga class has a lot to do with Asmita. She is a fantastic teacher, very positive and very encouraging. Her enthusiasm is very much the "push" that I need to keep up with my Yoga. She also provides us with very helpful information about healthy eating. It is not just an exercise class, the people at the class are friendly and sociable. I would highly recommend anyone to Asmita's Yoga class."
- Lily Oon

Yoga, Pregnancy and Babies

"I have been attending yoga classes once a week with Asmita Makwana for almost seven years now. In my fourth year I became pregnant with my first child and last year I gave birth to my second. I was keen to keep up with yoga throughout this time and Asmita has made it very easy for me to continue at a pace that has suited me at different stages of the pregnancies and during the return to yoga after each birth.

"Initially in the pregnancies I was able to work through most of the asanas as usual, with Asmita occasionally indicating that I should go easy on a particular one - usually one that involved a lot of back or abdomen strength. As I began to get bigger we adapted some of the asanas so I could do them safely and comfortably. Often I could do these adaptations myself - if I couldn't think of a way round a certain asana I would ask for help and Asmita could always come up with a suitable version. She took all pressure off, in terms of pushing me hard, but always encouraged me to continue with each asana for as long as it felt comfortable. In this way I felt that my body was being exercised and nurtured at the same time.

"Yoga also gave me a space to be with my unborn child. Both during asanas and relaxation I could chose to focus on this tiny miracle inside me and just feel close to it. Every now and then I'd get the giggles as he or she gave me an energetic kick in the middle of quiet relaxation time or wriggled around as I moved into an asana. In my second pregnancy that time with my unborn baby was especially precious as I had a busy toddler at home claiming plenty of her own attention.

"I continued with yoga for seven months of my first pregnancy (Asmita went overseas for a few months at this time and I chose not to pick up with another tutor) and for the whole nine months in my second. I was still standing on my head at seven months (with a classmate's help to get my tummy up there) and loving the feeling of taking the weight off all the bits of me that were usually carrying it.

"I was well throughout both pregnancies and I'm sure yoga contributed to this in keeping my body strong, balanced and rested at a time when enormous strain is being put on it and vast amounts of energy are being used. I didn't appear to gain any weight apart from the weight of the pregnancy itself and returned to my pre-pregnant weight within a few weeks of each birth. I was very fortunate to have two straightforward births, managed without the use of any drugs. I found the years of breathing through my nose at yoga had created a natural habit which kept me breathing steadily and deeply throughout labour.

"I returned to yoga classes when each of my babies was about two months old. It was wonderful to start doing things I hadn't been able to for months - like touch my toes and twist right round - but also to start gently toning my poor overworked tummy muscles. Now, with a two-and-a-half year old and a seven month old, it provides one space in my week that is just for me - where I'm having a bit of time out but also doing something that is so good for the whole of me. I really try to protect that. When I do have to miss a class I notice it immediately. My back and arms get so tired from carrying and lifting little people all day that yoga is my iron-out session where I feel that everything has been unwound and rebalanced. And Asmita has made it so easy for me to return. I work the classes in between breastfeeds and often arrive late or need to leave early. But I am made to feel that to be there at all is far better than not being there and it's accepted that I'm giving as much as I can to yoga at a time when the unpredictable demands of young children make it difficult to guarantee any arrangement! When I get frustrated because something is more difficult than it used to be, Asmita reminds me to go easy on my body as it readjusts, and now that my body is feeling pretty much back to normal she is beginning to push me much further.

"I am aware that in some areas I am only a little bit more flexible today than I was two babies ago, but the big thing for me is that I'm not any less flexible and that's something that I'm proud of. I don't like to imagine how I'd be feeling now if it weren't for these years of yoga.

"We hope to have another child one day. If that happens, I know yoga will continue to provide me with the great physical, mental and spiritual nurture that it has so far."
- Annabel Calder

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