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Products for sale

We offer several products specially for people who practise Yoga:

1.  Nasal Cleansing

Ancient techniques have been developed to eliminate waste products from our physical bodies. One well-documented method is NETI (nasal cleansing). The practice of NETI cleanses the nose, nasal passages and sinus cavities. Practised daily, this easy hygienic exercise assists to counteract the effects of cold, pollution, dust and pollen, and helps with snoring problems.

The NETI Pot (photo at right) is now available in three colours - cream white, garden blue, green terracotta, with instructions in its uses. Retail and wholesale inquiries are welcome. Wholesale price - each at NZ $45.00 + NZ $5.00 incl gst postage within NZ.

2.  Yoga and Ayurvedic "Vegetarian Cooking for Healthy Living" classes are regularly held by an experienced tutuor. Enrolments are welcome. Use our Contact form for more details. Or email us at yoga@shivjag.co.nz

3.  Yoga mats (Photo right) - Handmade 100 % cotton imported.
NZ $75.00 each + postage within NZ $12.00 incl gst .

4.  Yoga wedge cushion (Photo right) - Wedged for comfort for assorted uses, including yoga, meditation and spinal support. Made in NZ.
NZ $50.00 each + postage within NZ $12.00.

5.  Jee Bee - Tongue Cleaner (scraper) for fresher and clean taste.
NZ $5.00 each + postage with NZ $5.00 incl gst.

For further information on these or any other forthcoming Yoga products, use our Contact form. Or email yoga@shivjag.co.nz

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